Biocycle Services Include

BioCycle Container

Reusable bulk waste container systems of various types and sizes and disposable or reusable sharps container systems. These containers are designed to reduce waste handling and related disposal costs.

Treatment facilities that are cost effective and environmentally sensitive. These facilities provide an environmentally safe transfer and treatment of medical waste generated by medical facilities to treatment operations. These treatment operations are capable of treating the full Regulated Medical Waste stream which includes the following:

  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Trace Chemo
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pathological

Furthermore, these treatment facilities are capable of processing and treating any medical facility's solid waste stream that has been classified as medical waste (including the destruction of confidential documents).

BioCycle Barcode

Liability Transfer The customer with a contractual transfer of waste ownership and liability to BioCycle at the point of waste acceptance by BioCycle. Customers are issued insurance certificates showing the customer as an additional insured to the BioCycle Liability Insurance Policies.

Weighing and Labeling Weighing and labeling of the various types of medical waste, in compliance with Federal and State requirements, is provided at no additional cost.

Accountablilty waste tracking and accounting systems that furnish the customer with accurate waste manifesting, treatment certificates, and invoicing documents.

Educational "in service" programs to assist the customer's employees with the proper management, identification, and handling of medical or hazardous waste.

BioCycle is committed to providing medical waste generators in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Arkansas, Lousiana, Mississippi, and Missouri with exceptional service at a reasonable cost through the use of innovative, environmentally safe handling and treatment systems tailored for the customer's special requirements.