Bulk Medical Waste Container Systems

BioCycle offers USDOT and State government approved container systems. The Company specifically designs each Medical Waste Management Program to meet the special service requirements of the individual Customer. These container systems are offered to medical waste customers through two different programs.

Standard Container Program

This program includes individual disposable cardboard and regular plastic reusable medical waste containers with standard removable lids (non-mobile, floor positioned). Capacity: 10 to 43 gallons

Optional Container Program

This program features the following container systems:

  • Large bulk mobile medical waste containers with attached (hinged) lids; capacity: 95 to over 200 gallons
  • Specialized individual plastic reusable containers (non-mobile, floor positioned, rectangular or square) with non-standard special removable lids; capacity: 31 to 43 gallons
  • Specialized 10 or 17 gallon sharps approved, multi waste type, reusable plastic containers with restricted or lab lids
  • Reusable or disposable wall mounted plastic sharps container systems in a variety of sizes